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ProExamit: Fully Automated Proctoring
Monitoring of certification events
We monitor the integrity of exams at universities, educational centers, businesses that train and monitor employees, as well as for those who organize courses online.
We provide a fully automated service to detect irregularities, allowing users to have confidence in the integrity of exams and reduce the man-hours spent on its control.

Our advantages
More features than analogs have
Cross-platform. Students do not need to install additional software, just open a browser
Fully automated. Teachers and students receive a report on violations
Expandability. The options of violation handlers can be supplemented
Autonomy. No dependence on external services
Convenient viewing of data. You can view both generalized exam results and a detailed summary of the sites the user visited
The developed proctoring should detect:
  • Recording violations on video from a webcam/screencast.
  • Recording violations and disturbance noise on the audio track from a microphone.
  • Student identification by photo.
  • Checking for unauthorized persons.
  • Absence of a face in the video.
  • Program context on the screen.
  • Gaze direction recognition.

  • Display data for all exam sessions
  • Jump to the moment with the violation in the video
  • Scale with clickable violation marks below the video
  • Integration with LTI
Teachers use proctoring
Students use proctoring
Certificate events were held and checked

PhD, the head of Department of Software Engineering and Computer at SPbETU "LETI", the head of Mobile Robot Algorithms Laboratory at JetBrains Research, CEO of Alexander Popov International Innovation Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Communications.

Kirill Krinkin
The head
Postgraduate student at SPbETU "LETI", a researcher at Mobile Robot Algorithms Laboratory at JetBrains Research
Valeria Dopira
Project manager
PhD, Associate Professor at SPbETU "LETI", coordinator of educational projects at Mobile Robot Algorithms Laboratory at JetBrains Research
Mark Zaslavsky
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